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30 Days of TAH (Day 19) - 24 Hours with a Character

A cosmic level entity takes time out of his busy schedule of doing whatever he likes to let me spend a full 24hrs with anyone from Thrilling Adventure Hour?

So many names went through me head.

I could learn so much under the tutelage of Gummy. 

Think of all the fun times and many drinks I could have with Sadie (I was think of Frank but Sadie seems a bit smarter).

Picking one of the time travelers seems like cheating, like getting a wish and asking for more wishes.

I could use this gift to spend with an alien being but after spending a day with Croach I don’t know if I could keep track of who is under onus to who and for what.

All this thinking is hurting my brain I need a drink.

"Sadie I guess my choice has been made, hold the tonic."

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this is still the best story ever told at a talk show

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30 Days of TAH - (Day 14) Adventurekateer Recruitment!

Recruiting people to join the Thrilling Adventure Hour army goes back to my answer to day 12’s question. My use of the phase “I am under onus to you” is probably the number one method of getting more people to enjoy TAH. Once I explain what the phase means and it’s origin. The easiest people to turn into Adventurekateers have always been the residents of Night Vale. The whole concept of a bizarre radio play online just seems normal to them.

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The 30 Days of TAH (Day 13) - Favorite Non-Major characters!

Choosing the recurring characters is a bit harder then the regular ones. Does the character fit their role in the universe well and do I want to learn more about them.

1)A41397X442 the diplomacy robot that was slowly becoming more and more human, until he caught Pinocchiosis and was shot. I would love to see this character come back …. looking at you Barkeep

2)Donna Henderson friend to Frank and Sadie Doyle, vampire, and mother to Michelle … yes that Michelle

3)Pemily Stallwark the last winner of the brutal sport punishment soccer. She is as tough as they come and is currently the Marshall on the Moon.

4)Felton Lagravenese  I couldn’t leave this gentleman of the list. After all he might panic and go running to Sparks Nevada if he wasn’t included  … "Haaalp!" … or maybe he would do it if he was, I can never keep those two things straight.

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